At Astle Paterson, we provide a personal service to all clients - as a result the majority of our work comes from our clients passing on our name to others and through repeat business.   

We have set out below a selection of the feedback we have received from our clients over the previous six months.


[Liam O’Shea].   Thank you very much for your attentive support.   SF   September 2017



Dear Liam O'Shea.   Thank you so much for your help and I have let my mother know ... She was overwhelmed after hearing about the news … Thank you once again … Kind regards.   IJ   September 2017



Liam [O’Shea] has been extremely thorough and provided exemplary service & assistance to me.   TW   September 2017



Dear Justine [Woodcock].   Can I just say how informative and kind you were, it was really difficult for me and you were terribly understanding.   SP   September 2017



Good morning Jean [Paterson].   A big thank you to you and Melanie [Beadle] for your professional service.   Best wishes.   AS   September 2017



Thank you for all your help Liam [O’Shea].   Thanks.   PH   September 2017



Excellent service from Liam O’Shea!   T&D   September 2017



[Conveyancing department].   As my family solicitor the service was as always first class.   PV   September 2017



Amelia Gale was great – Thank you.   SA   September 2017



Good afternoon Liam [O'Shea] … you have been an outstanding representative for our application and dealing with our concerns to all parties … from our family we sincerely appreciate all your hard work in resolving the issues we have faced.   Very best regards.   DL   September 2017



[Maria Pusey.]   Could not have wished for a more professional, friendly, client orientated experience.   Thank you.   CB   September 2017



Good morning Liam [O'Shea].   You have been superb throughout.   Thank you.   DL   August 2017



[Helen Vorley].   You were very sensitive to my mum’s worries and made us feel very welcome and didn’t hurry us.  Thank you for being patient.   CH   August 2017



[Sarah Nash].   Many thanks for your help in drafting my new Will ... Please also pass on my thanks to Liam [O’Shea] for clarifying the position regarding the land.   SG   August 2017



I want to say a massive ‘Thank you’ to Maria Pusey for all the help she has provided and the friendly attitude she has.   I would definitely use Astle Paterson again.   Thank you.   D&LB   August 2017



[Helen Vorley].   Can’t thank the staff enough – all staff.   GKH   August 2017



Hi Justine [Woodcock] and Liam [O’Shea] … I wanted to pop you both an email to say thank you for taking the time to meet … Speaking with you both and knowing that you will be able to help me with the ridiculously complicated situation I’m in was a massive weight lifted of my shoulder – I came out your offices feeling able to breath! … Kindest Regards.   HC   August 2017



Helen [Vorley] was very thorough and patient throughout and instilled complete confidence.   Mr & Mrs A C   August 2017



[Maria Pusey].   Very nice professional friendly people.   JJR   August 2017



Paul Walters was incredibly helpful, understanding and gave great advice that helped me save money I hadn’t got!   OME   August 2017



Professional & friendly service.   Sarah [Nash] kept us informed throughout and was happy to answer any questions or queries we raised.   MJO & SJK   August 2017



Navroop [Kaur] and her team provided a first class conveyance service – Thank you.   K&CJT   August 2017



[Maria Pusey].   The service was provided in a very efficient and friendly manner.   JDT   August 2017



Mike [Whitaker] has been a family friend and professional legal advisor for many decades.   We would have no hesitation in using Mike again in the future and we would recommend him and yourselves to anyone.   August 2017



We thank Mike [Whitaker] once again for his excellent advice and speedy actions.   DH   August 2017



Good morning Liam [O’Shea].   Many thanks for all your help in what was a difficult case.   Kind regards.   TR   August 2017



[Wills & Probate department].   It was nice to ask somebody for advice for your personal needs and to get a true answer back and it’s right for you.   SEB   August 2017



[Sarah Nash].   Your kindness and professionalism was second to none.  Thank you for your understanding.   EMH   August 2017



[Paul Walters].   Thank you for all you did to help me with my divorce, you were very kind and helpful with your advice.   OB   August 2017



[Conveyancing department].   Many thanks for your help.   JDM   August 2017



[Conveyancing department].   Keep up the good work, professional service throughout.  Thank you.   J.O   August 2017



Dear Mr [Liam] O'Shea, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your efforts during the last two years … I'm obviously pleased with the end result … Once again, many thanks to you and your team.   MP   August 2017



[Liam O’Shea].   You have helped to bring clarity to a very ‘muddied’ situation!   AA   August 2017



[Sarah Nash].   Excellent service.   PMB   August 2017



[Conveyancing department.]   Very satisfied with the time it took.   JM & KB   August 2017



[Conveyancing department.]   Extremely happy with the turnaround time on the property.   Our first dealing with a solicitor as it was our first purchase.   We would definitely use you again.   Thank you.   TS & LF   August 2017


[Wills & Probate department.]   All staff very friendly.   WBS   August 2017



Well what a day, we managed four completions before lunch and I am sure if we had managed to get 8 & 9 they too would have completed at a similar time.   I felt I just wanted to drop you a quick note … to say how pleased we are with Helen [McGrath] and Tina [Russell].   They have both worked exceptionally well … We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Astle Paterson and many many more completions … Many thanks.   JH   August 2017



[Conveyancing department.]   Excellent speedy service.   Staff were found to be professional and friendly at all times.   CS   July 2017



[Wills & Probate department.]   Information provided in a very friendly and professional manner – excellent!   KAH & SLB   July 2017



[Conveyancing department.]   Delighted with all aspects of the services and also with the overall pricing of the service.   DB   July 2017



[Wills & Probate department.]   I have already recommended Astle Paterson on numerous occasions to family and friends and always had positive feedback.   LW   July 2017



Jean Paterson and Sarah Nash were excellent – more than satisfied and beyond.   BS   July 2017



[Sarah Nash].   The procedure of making a will was explained fully.   J&JC   July 2017



Very satisfied with Mrs [Helen] McGrath.   SJL   July 2017



I would certainly recommend your conveyancing services to other people.   GT   July 2017



Navroop [Kaur] and [the Conveyancing] team have been excellent and I will continue to use going forward.   Thanks.   ST   June 2017



We found Maria [Pusey] very helpful and friendly and explained everything as we went through our Will.   J&JW   June 2017



[Helen McGrath].   Great service as usual.   DP   June 2017



[Conveyancing department].   Very happy with both of our interactions with [Astle Paterson].   DC   June 2017



[Conveyancing department].   Excellent overall service, professional, due diligence and will recommend to others.  Thank you for your help.   KS   June 2017



[Sarah Nash].   Many thanks, great service!   MJ   June 2017



[Conveyancing department].   Objective achieved in reasonable time frame.  Navroop [Kaur] was great.   MA   June 2017



Sarah [Nash]’s knowledge seemed profound and re-assuring.   S&RL   June 2017



Navroop [Kaur], Charlotte [Gregory] & Holly [Evans] provided an excellent service.  They dealt with our queries efficiently and promptly and kept us fully informed on the progress.   Mr & Mrs C   June 2017



Outstanding service from Michael Whitaker.   B F   June 2017



[Conveyancing Department].   We have used you many times and will continue to do so – thank you.    Mr & Mrs M   June 2017



[Divorce & Family Department].   Just very satisfied with all aspects of dealing with Astle Paterson and of course, the conclusion reached.   PG   June 2017



The matter was made extremely easy by Maria [Pusey] and communication was excellent.  Would recommend to family and friends.   Mr & Mrs P   June 2017



Mr [Peter] Levy was informative throughout.   Mr J   June 2017



Sarah Nash was very patient and sensible.   Mr W   June 2017



Holly [Evans] was excellent, could not have asked for a smoother transaction from the team in assisting with my move.   Mr S   June 2017



Helen Vorley, We thank you for the attention you have given to the ‘Lasting Power of Attorney”, for my wife … and myself.   M & WH   June 2017


Dear Liam [O’Shea] ... I very much appreciate how quickly you have acted on my behalf.   AH   June 2017



Good Afternoon Liam [O’Shea] … We have been extremely pleased with the work your firm has carried out for us over the last couple of years.   D & FG   May 2017



Divorce was a terrible situation I found myself in, Paul [Walters], fortunately, was very clear headed throughout all these proceedings.   PR   May 2017



Special thanks for Navroop Kaur for managing everything and Christine Hadfield who enabled us to complete on time.   Both 10/10.   ME   May 2017


We would express a big thank you to Navroop [Kaur] and Charlotte [Gregory] for their competence and friendliness throughout our dealings.   Relieved us of the stress throughout the move.   Thank you.   T&PH   May 2017



Paul [Walters] was very professional, excellent service & advice throughout, during a difficult time.   Paul and his team made the whole process simple.   Thank you.   SV   May 2017



[Sarah Nash].   Excellent service, all made very straight forward.   Mrs D   May 2017



[Navroop Kaur].   A lengthy sale process was well handled by Astle Paterson staff.   JRR   May 2017



[Peter Levy].   The staff, very efficient and friendly.   Mr P   May 2017



[Conveyancing department].   Extremely helpful throughout, willing to assist in other matters.   Well done Navroop and your team.   TM   May 2017



[Maria Pusey].   Very happy with the service received and would certainly recommend your firm.   VAY   May 2017



[Helen Vorley].   The service provided was at our bidding and at no time did we feel under any pressure to do or agree to anything which we had any doubts about.   Thank you.   Mr & Mrs H   April 2017



Dear Liam [O’Shea] … fantastic news and I'm obviously delighted that we have finally brought this matter to a successful close!   I would like to thank you for all your support over the last 18 months and helping me to finally resolve the situation!   We wish you all the best.   Many Thanks.   SL   April 2017



[Sarah Nash].   Treated with respect and a thoroughly professional service.   Mr & Mrs D   April 2017



Maria Pusey is an asset to the company as she is professional, extremely knowledgeable and thorough.   Mr & Mrs E   April 2017



Dear Liam [O’Shea] … A good result.   Thank you for all your work.   Best regards.   CP   April 2017



[Maria Pusey].   First Class Service.   Mr & Mrs J   April 2017