Divorce & Separation Mediation

Divorce & Separation Mediation

At Astle Paterson we believe that where partners or spouses separate, a freely negotiated agreement is beneficial to both the parties involved and any children.

Our professionally trained Mediator, Paul Walters (a Solicitor with over 40 years’ experience) is on hand to assist you to sort out arrangements, through Mediation, as to how your finances are to be dealt with, living and contact arrangements for your children and child maintenance payments – in an amicable way.

Paul will work with you both to look at the different options that are open to you for sorting things out, so that you reach your own agreements about all aspects of your separation or divorce.

Ultimately Mediation lets you both stay in control – if you go to Court, then a Judge will make the decision, and it may be one that you are both unhappy with. 

Please contact our Divorce & Separation Mediation department on 01283 743968 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Key Contact:  Paul Walters